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The lag is awful tonight

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I am no stranger to WvW on reset night and the lag that is typical. The fights on Saturday were between two groups (mine was 30-40) where the lag was even worse than when we would have three zergs going at it. If I died, I would have skill lag at spawn just trying to mount. Team chat also reported similar issues across all borderlands.

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Which, to be fair, is to be expected. 

  • We just got new rewards, which attracts players (at least in short-term)
  • the beta started, which attracts players
  • we have the "Call of War"-buff, which attracts players (especially those that only want their Gift of Battle)
  • we get another skin for the beta (which i technically already listed, but still wanted to mention)
  • Due to higher activity overall, chances to get the weeklies done faster are higher (which also attracts players)

So, we have a lot of stuff going on currently, especially since the patch, which brings players into WvW (even if it is only a short-lived thing), so higher lag than usual is pretty normal. 

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