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Email from support after entering the Content Creator program

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I'm not sure where to put it so please forgive me. I tried directly contacting support but they misunderstood my situation. I entered the Content Creator program through Guild Wars 2 website and I got a email from Support that sent me to Zendesk and it prompet a request for my email adress so they can reset my password. It was suspicious to me so I deleted the link without entering anything. I'm just not sure what this link was, if Zendesk is a GW2 safe website, or why did I get this link. I did not participate in anything that is rule breaking, just trying entering the Content Creator program.

Thanks in advance, Zoe

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Actually, in ArenaNet's case, Zendesk is the software they use for Customer Support.  The CS Team is (or was last indicated) in-house. 

Zendesk offers an omnichannel ticketing system designed to seamlessly connect your support team with customers across all channels, such as email, messaging, chat, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and community forums.

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