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Made a video that summarizes the changes to WvW in the balance patch preview


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10 minutes ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

I've only looked at engie changes and to sum it up:

Anet buffed all elites by giving them all the lower core skill CDs that core can achieve by having 3 core traitlines, under the disguise of "improving" core. 

Because Purity Of Purpose! 🤡

Some classes have definitely benefitted from that. Firebrand the most, probably, because it was very common to trait the cooldown reductions on Stand Your Ground and Hallowed Ground on traits that were otherwise really underwhelming. But Scourge is in kind of a weird place now, despite a cooldown reduction on a bunch of your Punishment skills, and some classes didn't really benefit from core skill cooldown changes at all -- Warrior and Revenant come to mind, they just didn't have any traits that do that.

I do think that change is probably fine, selecting traits based on whether they reduce the cooldown of one or two of your skills isn't really that interesting from a build perspective. But there's a lot else going on in these proposed changes as well.

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