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Gunsaber's Projectiles are Broken


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Greetings. Currently there exists a bug that is crippling bladesworn performance and is having their abilities work not as described.

The gist of the issue is that the explosions from Blooming Fire and Artillery Slash are not actually hitting enemies in very common circumstances, based on the size of the target and position of the player. See my amateur ms_paint demonstration of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/OkwgmUX

Whether this has to do with projectile collision, origin point, explosion radius, or being an asura, I'm not sure. But the result is clear: abilities that should hit are not hitting. It's difficult to enjoy bladesworn until this is fixed.

While you're here, please consider keeping Daring Dragon's core functionality. The reason it hasn't been taken often is that, strictly numerically, it's a DPS loss over not taking any GM trait. Pretty much everyone loves the playstyle it introduces, it's very cool and a lot of fun, but the values are simply not tuned quite right. If its current state could be combined with the proposed alacrity changes, rather than overwritten, that would be perfect.

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If anyone wants to see it in action, this bug makes it impossible to hit some champion wurms (e.g. the champion ice wurm under durmand priory) with the ranged projectiles from explosive thrust, blooming fire, or artillery slash.

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