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Can we get a change to alac on WB or move it to DH?


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So I noticed no changes to alacrity on willbender despite the patch this month largely being focused on quality of life adjustments for boon supports. I get the feeling wb is getting looked over because of its dps but I think we really need to emphasize that making alac/quick boon supports reliant on hitting an enemy to provide their boon is not a good trade-off and using alac on wb is an exercise in frustration.


Can we:


1. Change it so wb provides alac on any virtue and not just f2? Also that the alac is provided on pressing f1,f2,f3 and not on the passive?


2. Can we consider moving the alac from willbender to dragonhunter if there is a concern that letting wb give alac on any virtue might be too overpowered? I never felt alac made sense on wb and it always felt like the big pumper spec to me. Meanwhile DH can block for allies and give a nice heal on f2. Why not move alac to DH?


You could put alac for DH on Hunter's Fortification and tie it to something thematic. Like blocking for allies gives them alac (aegis, shield 4, f3, mace 3, etc). And make HF also lower the CD on f3. If HF gives alac on block and lowers CD on f3, maybe people will even consider taking Bulwark now! Since a block requires an enemy, you could also make it so giving aegis also gives alac so you don't run into the same problem as wb when in between phases. While we're at it, change Fragments of Faith so it sinergizes with this. Make it so instead of it dropping fragments, make dropping the trap give allies aegis and if the trap is triggered, allies get stability and/or a stunbreak (giving fragments both aegis on use and stab/stunbreak on activation for allies gives you a reason to even consider using it over Advance). Doesn't even have to be my suggestion. I'm sure someone at anet can figure out a better way for DH to give alac.


Just please, do something about the alac on guardian! 🙏

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I think it makes much more sense on Dragonhunter. DH's profession mechanics designed to benefit allies, while WIllbender is an individualistic Thief-like elite spec.

In a perfect world, it would have made even more sense for the Dragonhunter (archer/trapper) to provide quickness, and for the Firebrand (mage/knight with a lot of spells) to provide alacrity.


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Yeah, I agree that alac would fit DH more. I think the best approach would be to put it on virtues (yes, you can cast f1 with no target), this would breath some life into renewed focus which is basically a dead elite in pve right now.

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If you want to use bow for damage, you don't benefit from any of the trap or aoe damage boons. It'd be nice if a DH can benefit from their own boons.

I'd be okay if a DH can reliably generate just might and fury at range without using, say, shouts, let alone quickness or alarc.

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