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Block/Unblock Fix @Anet


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Dear Developers,

it would be a pleasure if you could rework the block/unblock and addFriend-Options during wvw.

I constantly get harrassed and insulted in wvw after killing somebody.
1) We were roaming around with 5-10 people capturing objectives.
We got killed a few times and we killed some players here and there. Usual wvw business.
After like 3-4 hours we killed somebody who just picked me and whispered me a lot of really unfun insults claiming to play a "kitten salvation rev". Which at that time, i didnt even posses on my account.
Dunno if he/she picked the wrong player but i have screenshots of the full communication of being insulted and not even being the actual target, but it was really ashaming. "Stupid f***ing kitten" was one of the nicest things he/she told to me.
Ofc blocked.

2) Roaming again, killing somebody 1vs4.
Happens. You are too slow? You are in enemy territory? They are more people then u? Bad luck. Happens.
Happens to me too if i am alone. People want the kills, its player vs player. What is going on with those people?
Again, heavy insults without ever meeting the one being killed, no chat before, no problems before, just instant harrassment.

3) Same as 2) but it was 1vs1.
You could see the defeated one lying around (it was a close fight, made fun, everything was alright). He lost (he won before, but maybe didnt remember me).
After 1-2mins lying around (i was capturing the camp nearby), i got whispered, again flamed for my build (this time a celeRev, since i am not a platinum high end roamer) and insulted.

Yes i block those people.
Yes i report them.
Yes its near usual business at player vs player interaction.

But for the love of everything i know of:

It is really, really, really annoying. Not that i am ranting here or hating those people but its just annoying to get whispered regulary by folks that cant stand to loose/die cuz they are a still a kid, not mature or having problems with balance/builds, whatever.
Please fix it so you cant get whispered in any way.

It is player vs player and you alrdy reworked it but it didnt change anything.
Please reconsider the current system for wvw blocking/unblocking.

Thank you very much in advance!


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You would think this would be a straight forward change of you can't whisper a player that is on another realm and are not on your friends' list. Note friends and not followers. But between whatever was there before and after linking this issue seems to grow ever more complex. Have I had positive experiences with whispers from the other side and added some as friends, yes. What is the ratio of that to salt, 10 to 1 I would say. For now, report and block. But +1 on QoL change though. Outside of that take in the salt and consider the fact that you won not only one fight but 2 in short order and give them an lol.

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