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[NA] [PvX] The Meow House [CAT] wants you!!! Yes, you! Casual/New/Veteran ADULT players all wanted!


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Hey I'm just getting back into the game after a half year break from online gaming in general. I played quite a bit back in 2017/2018 however  only a short bit last year. 

Had some small questions about the guild to see if it was the right fit! Thanks 😊 

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2 hours ago, Naswen.6780 said:

Just wondering mainly about active times and guild events!

I used to play games quite a bit i find myself on the casual end now a days is all.

we're pretty active in the evenings, with some folks on throughout the day. we do guild missions on fridays and our sister guild MAD hosts fractals on tuesdays, EoD strikes on wednesdays, dungeons on thursdays. we have no requirements for repping or doing the things.


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