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[Poll] A veterans patch notes: Alacrity & Quickness reworks - New mechanics exclusive to Core builds


1) Alacrity & Quickness reworks feedback  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. 1) Alacrity & Quickness reworks feedback

    • Yes, this is the right direction or close to it.
    • Not in favor of this specific rework, but I feel one is needed.
    • Not in favor of any reworks, the current deisgn is preferred.
  2. 2. 2) New mechanics exclusive to Core builds feedback

    • Yes, this is the right direction or close to it.
    • Not in favor of this specific rework, but I feel one is needed.
    • Not in favor of any reworks, the current deisgn is preferred.
  3. 3. 3) PvP(HotM) - 'The Great Reset'

    • Yes, this is the right direction or close to it.
    • Not in favor of this specific rework, but I feel one is needed.
    • Not in favor of any reworks, the current deisgn is preferred.

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These patch notes will cover only 3 topics:

1) Alacrity & Quickness reworks

2) Introducing new mechanics exclusive to Core builds

3) PvP(HotM) - 'The Great Reset'

1) Alacrity & Quickness
There is no doubt in their current iteration these two boons have significant impact and play a significant role in not only group composition but also build design.
Having permanent uptime on these two boons creates two gameplay experiences, one with them and one without. Without them, players experience begins to feel slow and sluggish for most builds which created a negative experience. Trying to make these two boons work in terms of balance has begun to sacrifice profession identity which is the opposite desired outcome.

Alacrity is being phased out, all traitable cooldown reductions will be applied to players skills as a result. Traits that applied alacrity will be reworked to offer other benefits.

Players access to Quickness will be reduced and no longer be shareable to other players. This boon will still play a role in players builds and play-styles, however it will return to its origins of being applied intentionally for quick controlled bursts.


To highlight this principle take an extreme such as Sword Weaver DPS. Attack speed AND cooldown reduction significantly alter the speed in which you the player have to perform under, AND the rhythm of your cooldowns which you have keep mental tabs on. The nature in which you're playing the game shifts dramatically under these two boons, which causes a huge problem for actually enjoying the game as a Weaver as now your experience is split into two experiences: One with these boons, and one without. As weaver cannot provide either of these boons on their own, playing solo will now feel 'slow and sluggish'. This is fundamentally a bad experience to give players.

To those that remember quickness before it was a boon, its role was to execute a quick 'long cast' ability such as 100 blades, heart seeker spam, pistol whip, ranger longbow 2, ect ect. This felt great and rewarding as your access to Quickness was severely limited but you could make an attack which already felt great, feel even more satisfying. This doesn't adjust a players tempo but instead offered a high intensity burst that was short lived. This was when Quickness was a great game mechanic.

Alacrity with this in consideration does not have a balanced spot. Why? Circling back to the tempo aspect of game design, balancing a blanket cooldown reduction that doesn't dramatically shift the rhythm of your gameplay becomes a choice of if it even begins to feel noticeable or if it feels too noticeable. Its going to feel great when you have it and awful when you don't, and as a player you'll have to become accustomed to these two modes of gameplay.

2) Introducing new mechanics exclusive to Core builds
Many players have voiced their desires to see core builds compete with elite specs. The changes listed below will give the core variant of each profession a unique gameplay element, some of which are reminiscent of their original design while others will emphasize the core feel of their profession.

Elementalist: While attuned to an element, every successfully completed attack with the weapons #1 skill reduces all of the remaining cooldowns of that elements abilities by 1 second.

Necromancer:  Every third completed #1 attack will corrupt boons in an AoE radius(1 second cooldown), if no boons are present then a condition will be applied based on the weapon that triggered it. (Death shroud #1 is also included)

Mesmer: Phantasms remain active and will repeatedly attack in the same fashion as their original design.

Engineer: You can select your toolbelt skills independently of your utility skills.

Warrior: Every 5 seconds gain a buff that makes your next weapon skill cooldown not trigger when activated.

Guardian:  Granting boons to yourself or others increases all of your stats by 1% for 10 seconds, stacks up to 15 times.

Revenant: Legend swap CD reduced by 3.

Ranger: Both pets can be out at once.

Thief: Initiative cost reduced by 1 for all skills.

3) PvP(HotM) 'The Great Reset'
In order to restore and maximize build and plays style diversity we will be adding back all amulets, sigils, and runes, and additionally reintroducing damage on CC skills.


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