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Episode 17 Of End of Dragons Anyway to get it now?

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I stopped playing GW2 awhile ago then today I logged in and noticed there were 3 more stories out for End of Dragons however I got episode 16 and 18 but did not receive episode 17 is there anyway to receive it now? The wiki says it is supposed to free to anyone who got the expansion which I have but don't see a way to get that episode.

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Softpup is correct - I have just checked my story journal. It's not episode 17, it is chapter 17 (episodes are much bigger) and that is a series of 10 audio logs from Gorrik in Gyala. Once you finish chapter 16, you will see a green star over the logs so you know where they are. 

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1 hour ago, Drakar.3546 said:

yea I meant chapter 17 but in my journal it is blank for 17 just goes from 16 to 18 I'll try and run though 16 and see it 17 shows up then. If it is just listening to stuff not going to worry about it if it don't.

It is. Just ten audio logs. No gameplay. It will show up though, it won’t be missing. It’s likely because it was released in 10 weekly drops until 18 was ready. It should fix itself

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