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Merge/Unmerge SLB BUG

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Been playing SLB for about 1 million years now and noticed that everything that is connected to movement merges/unmerges you and it's even worse with EoD (the fun part is that forceful merge/unmerge puts your skill on CD so you just stand there looking dumb with your silly pet).

-Here are some examples:

KO ziplines/knockback to the lower platform, Fraenir freeze, WoJ phasing to kill your clone, Dragonstorm jump pads, Twin Largos fountains, Q1 jumpy orbs, a slight breeze, and much more.


Ranger is already sad with having only 2 working specs, can you at least fix the ones that actually work?



Edit laced in salt:

some of the above mechanics not only do that merge/unmerge thing, they literally DEACTIVATE your pet and the only way to bring it back (the activate pet button ain't working btw) is to, again, merge or unmerge your pet.

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