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Lacking of player kill credit (as DPS)


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Since some time (maybe beta) I get signiticant less kills than other people (including WXP, bags & kill in the achivement). Before my buddy always hat  ~5-10% more kills than me, for sure because better gameplay ^^. But last raids he hat like 100% more kills. - Although same fights in the same squad. (Withs same class & build)

Therefor my question is, is there some threshold, you need to pass to be counted in for a player kill or is just damaging them, (white number) enough?
Here are some examples with no kill, although I made dmg, as far as it looks to me...



Do you have any thoughts on this?


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Too low amount of damage.
Those enemy players imploded from being tagged by 50.
I think you need to deal at least 1% damage to count, also valid in pve.
If enemy has 20k hp, you wont get credit for less than 200 damage.

Supporting your allies gets you credits too.
Instead of trying to hit with 1 skill, share some boons with 4 other allies and get 5x chances to win bags.
Your build is very focused on stealing boons from enemies and granting them to yourself. If they don't have boons (often the case when you die 0.5 sec after first hit) then you don't get much value.
Scourge is good and very cool in zerg vs zerg. Those single players should be ignored.

Stripper Scourges will get heavily nerfed next patch.
Harbinger Quickness is getting popularity as Quickness became a rare boon in WvW (Herald nerf).
You can throw your Elixirs on the left of the squad,
throw your Elixir on the right of the squad,
have some Shroud time in the middle,
and everyone gets boons,
you still do damage with wells,
some strips with weapons.
You'll just do less corrupt. But corrupt will get nerfed any ways, so why betting on a losing horse?

Buy yours today,
Be rich tomorrow!

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