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Need Help Making the Ultimate Turtle Rider


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TLDR I am making a turtle rider and want to max out as much as I can via build equipment jade bot and food.

Here is what I know:

The only build stat that transfers to the turtle is Might. But only passive might. So I need my build to have constant passive might uptime. 
Seaweed salad is the only food that impacts the Turtle (That I know of)
The turtle upgrades seem to be the best for this as Booster is mandatory to spam the main attack, the only other options being the Mount energy booster which is nearly useless on turtle given its massive reserve of energy after its mastery.
The plush turtle skin adds 5000% to its cuteness and 100% Cuddlyness uptime./s
Apart from these I am not sure what else to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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When you say turtle rider, do you mean piloting, or gunning? The pilot’s stats/consumables are the only ones that affect the turtle to my knowledge, apart from the Turtle Siege Enhancer Jade Bot module which has to be equipped by the gunner, rather than the pilot. It’s also bugged, because if the turtle gains ammo before the person with the Siege Enhancer gets on, that ammo will be unusable and you’ll have to both dismount to clear ammo and let the gunner get on immediately to be able to use the guns. You’ll want both Turtle Pilot Booster 3 and Mount Endurance Booster 3, as even with the increased efficiency you need the faster endurance recovery to maximise how far you can fly before landing.

In terms of optimising as the pilot, what effects from the seaweed salad carry over to the turtle? I haven’t tested consumables much yet, but there must be others that help. I also haven’t seen might have any effect on the turtle, but Fury certainly does. Although most character traits don’t affect the turtle, anything that modifies the base crit chance increase of Fury still works while mounted, so optimal for DPS is a Revenant with Roiling Mists to get 55% crit chance under the effect of Fury.

We at The Turtle Academy [TAXI] are also always doing research to figure out how to get the most out of our turtles in both movement and combat, so you’d be very welcome to join the discussions on our Discord: https://discord.gg/n2txXKNWKM

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