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Tragic Exclusion of the Comfy Cat Chair in WvW


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As warriors clash and kingdoms crumble, the Comfy Cat Chair stands silently on the sidelines, its warm embrace forever barred from the blood-stained arenas of World vs World. Its inviting cushions and soothing aura cannot accompany players into the heart of the battle, and in this exclusion lies a profound tragedy. For without the Comfy Cat Chair, the essence of "World vs World" loses its luster, rendering the experience incomplete and bereft of its true potential.

The Comfy Cat Chair, with its unparalleled ability to offer a sanctuary from the chaos, holds the power to transform the very essence of World vs World. It could be a beacon of respite in the darkest of moments, a haven where warriors could momentarily escape the horrors of war. Its exclusion from the battlefield serves only to amplify the harshness of the realm, leaving players yearning for the solace and comfort that only the Comfy Cat Chair can provide.

Thus, we beseech the game developers, in the depths of our sorrow, to heed our plea. Let the Comfy Cat Chair be given the chance to grace the realms of World vs World in the next update. Allow its gentle embrace to bring solace to the weary warriors, to infuse a touch of tranquility amidst the chaos. Only then can World vs World truly realize its full potential, becoming a realm where the battles are fierce, but the respite is at hand.

May our voices be heard, and may the Comfy Cat Chair find its rightful place in the next update, for its inclusion will not only soothe our saddened souls but also breathe new life into the very core of World vs World.

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Its kind of like fireworks. Not sure why some features would not be available in WvW that are cosmetic. Who wouldn't want to cap a keep or SMC and not set off fireworks after doing so? Same with some of the chairs. Need to AFK to grab a glass of water, pop a chair to tell your group you are AFK for a min. 

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8 hours ago, babana.7521 said:

Imagine enemy are on lord in your SMC, you ran in to deploy airship, you cannot see lever, because there were 10 comfy cat chair just lying there. 

I don't have one and haven't seen it in WvW. What happens if an ally clicks on one? Is there a group animation?

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