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Sneak gyro wvw buff

Noah Salazar.5430

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They shouldn't have nuked it like that in the first place, it's literally an elite skill that grands stealth and it's one of the weakest stealth skills of any type in the whole game. At least for WvW.

From the start it's purpose is to allow a group of players to move a fair distance while stealthed, and as it stands right now it's totally unable to do that.

Long story short, it has no purpose. Yes they should totally buff it, make it last longer, have more pulses and actually provide more than 1 sec of stealth per pulse.

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Yeah, barely any better, at least PvP doesn't have a lot of travel so it's a little more reasonable. Also in PvP you'll find yourself fighting in points much more often that in WvW, so stealth is less desirable, unlike thieves we don't get any extra damage or something fancy from stealth so yeah. 

I totally agree with the WvW argument, PvP could use a bumb, although it's not as crucial.

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