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Balance... balance never changes.


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What is the point of constant 'balance' of professions? What is the essence of these efforts from the development team members responsible for this mess? All I see throughout my entire MMO gaming life is an infernal class balance, year after year.

For example, in my case - I'm a casual player to the bone. I spend most of my time playing solo (exploring, questing, soloing elites/champions etc), even in MMOs (as strange as it may sound). Naturally, I go through party content, but the focus of the game for me is still on solo play. And because of the constant professions changes, the game transforms from comfortable play to routine or vice versa. Yes, I understand if you want to roughly level the classes/professions so there aren't any that are too good or too bad. But why do you need to completely break/redo/nerf everything if it's working fine?

Initially, the game tells me that all professions are equal and can perform any role, but then I see a diametrically opposite picture - someone heals (heal-support or whatever it's called correctly) like a god, and someone is completely deprived of this role. Then the situation changes in the opposite direction (or vice versa, both professions are deprived of the support role and given to that profession that was previously deprived of this opportunity). Some professions are really good in solo right now, while some only bring hellish torment and a loss of consciousness in a fit of rage, and in time the picture will change.

Why? What's the point of this? To have me constantly jump from class to class? Dear beloved developers, listen to the people thanks to whom you and your employees get paid! You have a massive number of things to do besides your games with professions balance. There are countless bugs, and I don't believe you need years to fix them. Why bother? It's better to deal with the 'balance' of professions. I can just imagine a dialogue in the ANet office:

- Hey dude, I have an idea! Let's nerf PROFESSION_NAME_1 to the ground and buff PROFESSION_NAME_2 to the max?
- Why?
- Just for lulz XD
- Lol, ok ^_^


  • 'No valid path to target' - years go by (!!) and instead of solving the problem, you asked your programmer to explain on the forum why it happens (when I read that post, I had one of the most intense bouts of cringe) - yes, of course, it's hard to calculate the path on an almost perfectly flat landscape, sure, whatever you say;
  • Falling through textures. Seriously, I'm tired of it. It happens absolutely everywhere, but it's worst when it happens in a solo instance;
  • Loss of progress upon disconnect - similar to the point above;
  • A bunch of UI problems - like scaling and bugs with offset and overlay of elements on each other, or even the inability to show yourself on the map. And I almost forgot about the most horrible thing I've seen in my life - 49% numeric and 51% graphical value of the Revenant's energy scale (are you out of your minds?! Do you realize how many perfectionists died in terrible agony looking at it?);
  • Character stuck somewhere in the void after teleporting to a waypoint and being unable to login with that character anymore. God bless your GMs, they are the last bastion of hope and faith in humanity. I'm not joking, they are just awesome. Every single one of them.
  • Invisible walls here and there and everywhere even where there should not be any (not exactly a bug, of course, but more time can be devoted to this).

And this is just what I remembered offhand. 

I love this game, I love this community, I love your godlike support, kitten hell - I even love your monetization. But please, stop making silly mistakes, fix the game and stop messing with the professions.

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