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The Gamer Haven [NA] | Learning, Training & Team Building | Form Friendships | Experience the Game


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Congrats! You’ve found the last community you’ll ever need. No more #puglife. Stop playing alone and make a friend today.


PvX yada yada - I'm not here to say what you've seen in /map chat a thousand times...

We were never meant to be, and the forming of our community certainly wasn't ''intentional''. We've simply noticed that the true Massively Multiplayer fashion show known as Guild Wars 2 consists of nomads drifting through a sea of potential friends. Come hang out with a bunch of like-minded people who decided to stick around one another eager to share their experiences with you.

You'll often find us with cameras on and sharing screens - Like your favorite twitch streamer, minus the para-social relationship!

In summary; we are a Discord based gaming community centered around Guild Wars 2; our primary focus is learning, training & team building - whilst forming meaningful friendships that last! We aim to make friends & experience the game(s) with those friends. [\Training available for ALL PvE Content (especially raids!)\]

We are an NA based community with a growing number of members who play during EU hours. All are welcome!

When you join, please drop an #introduction (in the intro channel) so we can all say hello!

If you only join a new community once a blue moon, next time - think of us.

~ Sab.6409 | Guild Leader 


We are a community first and foremost, the only requirement is to join the discord and have a small amount of activity.


  •  Static and Public Raids Consistently 
  •  Level 69 guild hall. Over 350+ members in-game , with over 50%+ online every 8 hours.
  •  Training groups for all endgame content 
  •  Public Training and Request threads for help through any corner of Tyria
  •  Multiple active voice channels daily consistently nearing 20+ members chatting through all channels during peak hours.
  •  Class Discussions, Misc Forums, any questions you have will be answered. 
  •  Opportunity to create and host your own events, setup custom voice channels,  or start your own groups. 
  •  Everyone is welcome, conflict left at the door. *No drug talk, racial, or similar terms.

Interested? Join the discord, introduce yourself, play, and get invited. https://discord.gg/ghaven

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