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[EU] LFM players for Opening a WvW / GvG Guild on Kodash / Piken


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Hey together,

my name is Phallanx and i returned to GW2 after a long break.
Back in the day i was playing in a GvG guild called "Professional Attitude" and did run 25vs25 scrims nearly every day.
Now i want to get back into it and create a Guild with 25 - 30 dedicated players for WvW / GvG purposes.

The aim is to get a nice class setup and run WvW around 2 days a week together.
The Guild i opened is called "Primal Berserk" and is atm completely empty, which is why i need a few Officers that help me build up the Guild from scratch.

If you are willing to play classes that are on our roster list, and have fun in building a community together, feel free to contact me in game or leave a comment here so we can get in touch.

All the best,



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