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Can Scrapper hammer get its old strength back?


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An with "strength" i mean funcionality and feeling...


Most of you might remember when hammer #3 had 3 leap finishers, and it got nerfed to 2 leap finsihers (first and last jump) mostly for pvp reasons when we didnt had a splitted balance between pve/wvw/pvp.

With the comming update it sounds reasonable to give hammer 3 all 3 leap finishers back (at least in pve).

On side of that it feels just counterintuitive to jump 3 times and just have 2 leap finishers, this bothered me since years.


Next is hammer #5, it had initial damage in the past, this was removed (again mostly for pvp reasons) and what left is just the stun, and after one sec the first damage pulses. To compensate the damage loss of the first pulse the remaining pulses were buffed.

This feels again counterintuitive that this skill has no initial damage. Please give it back.


Hammer #2, man i love that skill, what i dont love is the changed soundeffect. Maybe just a minority of players noticed this, but the sound was changed and undocumented some time ago. The old sound was a mighty and deep spin, the new sounds like a electrical short circuit failure. I dont even understand why this was changed... it sounds terrible now.


Hammer #4 nothing real to complain, but this skill feels useless in instanced pve. Maybe give it aoe barrier in front of you? Or buff damage to use it in rotation.


And the last, not about hammer but Impact Savant. Is this the only skill in this game where the pvp and wvw version is better than the pve version? (real question, i dont know).

The nerf to 5% in pve is so bad, scrapper is one of the worst spec for soloing champs in open world, and it got even worse. In instanced content it is pretty easy to fast cap barrier, it doesnt matter if the conversation is 5% or 15%, but it destroyed open world play.

The wvw version is still 15% which is good, and the pvp version is at least 10%. But cmon, 5% what is this?

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I agree with Hammer 3, and Hammer 5.

And also agree on Impact Savant. 10 percent in PvE would be much appreciated, make Scrapper a more competitive option for tanking in raids.

Mostly, with the patch I don't like the arbitrary distinction of combos. Using leap to provide quickness in raids and strikes is going to be a nightmare. And Scrapper only has access to two whirls and two projectile finishers anyway, so I don't know why they don't just make it more intuitive by a blanket "combo = quickness" gimmick. The only thing that would need to be changed is maybe a longer cooldown on Hammer 2 (fine), and moving projectile finishers off rifle/pistol AA and onto abilities 2 or 3 (which imo was not the best place for finishers on a single-weapon profession anyway).

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