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Thread : Idea(s) from the community


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Hello everyone ! I post in EN forum to reach out the maximum of people (and of course the hope of anet will see me)

The basic idea of this topic is to gather the WvWvW ideas of the playerbase on the same place for cleaner visibility. The hidden idea is to try to not rant about the existing game and lacking feature/balancing/etc but to use our collective brain and if some idea become popular MAYBE Anet would consent to hear us about it (doubt).

So let's start with my idea :

Guild when they claim structure could have a personalized version of it. At the moment the only thing that change when you claim is passive buff, some banner with the blason of the guild and the name of the guard which is...fine but lacking identity. The roamer don't feel attached to it in any way and people are not incentivize to defend it more than get the banana and the point. Let's say we have a guild who chose to make Durios with a Quaggan Theme (just an exemple) enemy people and ally would be attracted by it even more. 
The problem i have with the existent version we have is that it feel redundant to take structure then lost it then take it...which is the essence of this mode and i have no real problem with it, but having personalized structure could break a little bit the monotony and add a refreshing layer to this gamemode.

Let's talk in detail about it then :

  • Personalized structure would be accessible to guild of certain level. The main concern for this is to finally give something to do for guilds who had no content for sooooooooo loooooong (i've read somewhere than new content is there soon but more content is always better).
    • Guild have special place inside their guild hall (instancied or not) which gave them access to a tower/camp/SMcastle and can in the same way they can decorate the guild hall, decorate the structure with existing decoration (or new one dedicated to the mode) and once they claim it, personalized structure is applied
    • Anet can decide to start a new kind of grind with it and sell gemstore content ALONGSIDE free content (like anet always does) which big guild would be happy to pay i think and win the Guild Structure Fashion War (why not making a competition with prize and stuff).
      • Free content would give the guild working toward a new objective that is more than reduced tp price and passive buff
    • To ease that each structure would have a certain price to pay (ingame) with ressources/gold/new currency according the size and each guild could modify only 1-2 structure per side
  • Of course the competitive aspect of the game should not be touched by this change and added content should be placed in a way that it doesn't affect the gameplay in any way (i don't want hardcore player who doesn't care about aesthetic to hunt my head plz)
    • at first the easiest thing to change for me is the possibility to dye the walls and/or apply some pattern to it. Each tier of the structure could be modified by the guild for exemple : blue wall at Tier1 -> blue wall with quaggan on it at Tier2 -> Largos and Quaggan dancing together at Tier3
    • some part of structure are empty (SM outcircle is empty as a desert) and could be filled with thing like statue and stuff, all should be only decorative and not usable to bypass things of course. 
    • Vast majority of roof of tower and SM could be filled with things too cause they are mainly unreachable and so can't be abused
    • the space between the structure and the sky could be used to (until a certain height) by some SAB Clouds for exemple, flying dragon, quaggan using deltaplane.... etc
    • all decoration added could be phantomatic/impossible to interact with and solve a lot of potential problem with siege weapon and player
  • I see this as a win/win both for Anet and Players
    • anet can make money from it and attract a lot of player with it
    • player have more reason to fight because they are atracted/disgusted by the structure
    • guild have something meaningful to do with their unused ressources

Thanks for reading, sorry for my bad english and feel free to give me your opinion about my idea i will read all and modify the original post with improvment to sell the idea to anet.
Don't hesitate to post your idea under mine to improve this gamemode and attract more people to it again.

Add reaction to each idea you find attractive to give visibility and praise the Six that Anet see and implement one of them. (anet please use your strong community to shine more)

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