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Home World server choice for Australia east cost players

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Just a short request for other Aussie players.

Which Home World server do you find best for GW2?

I use Mudfish to connect through to the US server but would appreciate any experience or advice from other Aussies as to their connection choices.




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Not sure if you are asking about connection quality, or if you are looking for people who play at your prime time.  I can not speak to the first, but as to the second, I play on JQ and in WvW at least we seem to have a pretty good population in that time.  I often WvW early, starting between 0800 and 0900 UTC-4, and at least one of the guilds I run with is an Australian guild in the last part of their run.

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5 hours ago, Pallara.8061 said:

... as the horror of getting a gift of battle has been looming! 🙀


It's really not that bad. Be sure to set your Wizard's Vault to include WvW objectives if you do not currently, and flip some camps and stuff like that to gain and maintain participation between doing the daily/weekly items with the Gift of Battle track active. Keeps and towers (can be a weekly objective) may be tougher if your world is low population, but even those can be done with a small group. Possibly also something that can be done in Edge of the Mists? I don't know if that map is ever active anymore.

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21 hours ago, Pallara.8061 said:

thank u so much! I derped out for a bit so apologies for the lateness of this one's reply.

I had known that it's more of a thing in non-pve but was curious as the horror of getting a gift of battle has been looming! 🙀




please check this link to find servers that are populated with other ocx/sea players, https://wvwstats.com/timezones .

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