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Legacy (Living Story 4-4) unable to be completed

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So I've been going back and doing the Return achievements lately. But I just got slapped in the face with this one. If you start the Legacy story quest, once you get to the middle and are supposed to spread out and take Braham with you, the instance breaks and comes to a halt. I had this happen more than once trying to reset it.

When the main meat and potatoes of the quest begins at the center of Sun's Refuge, Braham is supposed to go with you and light fires in 3 locations while you fend off a boss. The problem is though, Braham gets stuck at the center fire where this all begins and never actually follows you. Therefore the fire doesn't come with you, and you can't actually advance the quest it's *completely* stuck.

Luckily, for the case of the Return achievement, the shortcut you can use at the entrance to jump to part 2 allows for getting the achievement credit on Return, this does wreck the ability to properly see the story initially however.

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