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[Video] Crystal Dragon story step, game breaking bug in story step

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Honestly surprised this stuff has gotten overlooked but I've been doing stuff for the Return achievements and this is the second time today I'll be making a post like this because of a broken story step, this is frustrating to say the least. The last one I found a work around, and luckily the story skip was not a spoiler for me but it would be for a new player, this one I'm not sure if I can I'm still fighting with it. During the final bit with the shield near the end, there's a HUGE screen shake from the blast. I'm going to play more with the camera shake settings and see if I can get this finished but this is very not good.

Anyways though it not only shakes the camera, it continues to AFTER the cutscene where it continually gets worse and the game is practically unplayable in this state but I'm going to try to, but it's certainly not optimal and will impair anybody trying to do this for story, or for return achievements. Also double bonus: I logged out and back in when I was getting angry over it the first time, to find out that the camera shake bug was still on when I got outside! I had to fully restart the game to get back to a proper state. Also for the hell of it the second time it happened I tried logging in a different character and the camera bug persisted on a completely different character.

Anyway here's a video clip of what happens after that cutscene: https://imgur.com/a/tpgizpO


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