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What to do with 30 jorbreakers


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This is my first dragonbash. Probably wasted jorbkrs on 3 legendary shard chests and a tyria dungeon voucher. But I have 12 jorbrkrs banked and 4 holographic precursor chests. I was going to cash them for jorbkrs and buy 3 peices of holographic dragon plate. But now I'm thinking the weapons can unlock ascended versions? I dont care about selling for gold cause I feel like I can just throw real money for that if i ever needed. How should I spend the jorbreakers and not feel scammed?

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Use them for items at the vendor. The "prizes" one. Except the back item that sells for 100 jorbreakers. (That one is much cheaper to buy for gold directly at the gem store!) The weekly vendor is not worth in this festvival. Especially if you are new not having tons of money. There are other festivals where you get a lot more festival currency - where it is easier to get the tyrian exchange vouchers.

For the weapon vendor (the kodan where the skins cost a ton of jorbreakers) and the one with the upgraded version of the skins from the chest: I would only recommend to go for the upgraded versions (3 jorbreakers + 2 gold or so) - if you want/need them. The other vendor ... try the dragon coffers first. (Sometimes you get lucky and get a box where you can select one of those skins.)

The 4 chests you mean ... are the one from doing the dailiy achievements a few times I guess? Would get the skins there first. Since there is no other source for them. (Takes a few years.) That is ... if you care for completion or like those skins. If you don't want them ... you can just take the Jorbreaker and buy something else.

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