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No exact numbers yet but Power d/d quick deadeye feels pretty bonkers


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0 boon duration and almost the full dps build, taking improv, one in the chamber and fire for effect(of course), just aa the golem and doing a 5x Steal Time combo(with mercy), you get a solid quickness buffer and ez 30k-ish dps. This isn't even close to playing optimally either! Be interesting to see SC or anyone come up with a proper rotation before it gets nerfed!

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You might not even need One in the Chamber, Mercy+Improv is 4 Steal Times on its own, should be enough to maintain Quickness all on its own. A quick-&-dirty rotation I came up with was netting me 32k with a nice comfy Quickness buffer (over 15 seconds left when the golem died.)

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