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Expanded Weapon Proficiency have to be included on launch...

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If there is no new elite specs, the additional weapons for all classes have to be included on launch, not future updates, playing non-elite weapons on other elite maybe new, but the additional new weapons to all class is a must.


  • Guardian: Pistol (main and off hand)
  • Revenant: Scepter (main hand)
  • Warrior: Staff
  • Engineer: Short bow
  • Ranger: Mace (main and off hand)
  • Thief: Axe (main hand)
  • Elementalist: Pistol (main hand)
  • Mesmer: Rifle
  • Necromancer: Sword (main and off hand)
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5 minutes ago, foxof.8752 said:

All the weapon skills was old and played before, except on one special F skill added, it will get bored and unexciting in 1 week. 

Wait until everything is released then before playing. You wont get bored after a week and have wasted your money

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