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How does soto bring in and keep new players?

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21 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

I was looking for a count of total players per day, but it doesn't seem to do that. I assume because it's unofficial it can't identify unique logins to get an accurate daily count and it looks like Steam doesn't share that data.

Steam never shares that data, it only tracks concurrent users and 24hr peak concurrent. For an MMO to retain 50% or so of peak concurrent on a singular "new" platform in which a healthy playerbase uses a separate login/launcher is actually good. I looked at Runescape, and that tended to retain 20% of peak users on a concurrent metric of an even older game. Compared to newer titles like New World or Lost Ark that is only available to the West through Steam those have ~3%. FFXIV is ~30% so the metric does have merit to fit with Steam users launching through Steam of the genre as a whole.  Looking at one game gives a skewed data, but when a ton of MMO's who use separate launchers for the established player base share the same % within a margin of error it actually good for GW2.

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On 7/11/2023 at 4:59 PM, Cronospere.8143 said:

And why would i need to watch a stream?

Edit: In all honesty:  if i had time to watch a stream i would rather play the game myself... 

Steam. I corrected the autocorrect error earlier. Thanks. 

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i don't think a new expansion should / would bring new players to this game because it's already filled with great content it just need smaller graphic updates (like they said they're doing ) and good marketing , a new player already starts with an overwhelming amount of relevant content  😄 small QoL additions like skyscale is always great for new players obviously

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The fun part is the price.
I brought a new friend into playing GW2, and she was considering buying some expansions.. there were discount on expasions and the situation was like this:

- HoT + PoF (15 EUR) = 9 maps + many mounts + glider

- EoD (23 EUR) = 4 maps + turtle + fishing + skiff

- SotO (25 EUR) = 2 maps + a new skill for skyscale (?)

what do you think she was more interested buying in your opinion? (she asked me if it was some kind of joke)

Even I, who have the 455 masteries, am considering if buying the latest expansion or not. They are offering VERY low value, but they know GW2 fanboy gonna buy expansions even if they costs 50 EUR and putting 2 maps

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