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Herald seems a bit too tanky in wvwv :)


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12 hours ago, ArchonWing.9480 said:

Exploit given too much damage reduction; also they disabled the wrong trait lol.

I think Moa'ing them would disable the offending facet?

Moa does counter the exploit. Also condi's still do regular damage. it's only direct strike damage that is bugged.

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On 6/28/2023 at 12:38 AM, apharma.3741 said:

Revenant is a class favoured by the best, and the best tend to win.

Nice joke, guess you never saw mallyx tormenting rune crap from a couple of years ago, infinite dodge vindi (before that was sorta nerfed) and now cele renegade cheesiness, after the likes of necro and ele, revenant definitely takes the lead in having the most cheesy builds in wvw. Bleh

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