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[Thief Bug?] Mind Shock no longer increases stability duration no matter how many targets hit.

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Mind Shock (Specter Shroud 5) despite being clearly stated in the tool-tip no longer offers any increase to the stability duration when you hit targets, there is an un-noted increase to the base duration by 1 second as of this patch so I'm not sure if the removal is intention or not but it really takes something away from skill if so, either way it's still in the tool-tip.

PS. Can we PLEASE get rid of the asinine yellow circle when we use it (Mind Shock), at least in PvE? It was like this at launch and was removed shortly after because it was getting people killed confusing it with boss AoE effects and causing your teammates run away from you. At the very least change it to blue/green instead of yellow which is very close to the yellow/orange of basically all harmful AoE..

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