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Error 100202 update Billing address

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Getting the same issue. Tried 2 cards, but still. Also, when I log in here for the forums, obviously it works fine since I'm typing this response. However, when I try to go to the support site and log in to submit a ticket for this, it doesn't even give me an error, the 'sign in' button just doesn't do anything and the page refreshes and asks me to sign in again.

One thing to note: I was using Mighty Teapot's referral link to buy, in case that affects something.

Edit: Ticket opened finally, they said something was blocking it, they removed it, said to try again. Didn't work via website, replied to the ticket again, they suggested clearing cache and trying in game, got it in game. So it worked, but sorry creators, didn't get to give someone a kickback. 😞 (I ended up trying a few just in case)

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Updating with answer
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