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Elonian Weaver Lore/Headcanon Discussion


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There's not much lore around Elonian Weavers except for the small amount of dialogue when speaking to Folarin Oyekan.

But less lore given means more flexibility for headcanon 😄 . I was wondering if others also had some ideas of how weavers operate in the crystal desert.

Here's my headcanon:

 There's this quote by Folarin Oyekan:


It's what we do. Weavers watch the desert, taking dangers head-on and helping out where we can. We can go looking for trouble, you might say. Then we find it and stop it.

The use of the word 'we' makes me think that the Elonian weavers are an established group in communication with each other.

The fact that Weaving was 'discovered' by one guy, and didn't have much spread, could mean that originally it had to be taught in-person by one of the few weavers.

And finally, because djinn was how Weaving was discovered, and because Folarin Oyekan mentions djinn in his dialogue (and I think he's examining a djinn body iirc), also makes me believe that this Elonian Weaver group spends a lot of time working with friendly djinn and/or taking out harmful djinn.

That's all I've got. I'm curious to what other ideas and headcanon people have.

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