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Reworking speedy home instance gathering


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I just noticed quickness now is a lot harder to get which would reduce my speedy home instance and guild hall runs each morning.
Ugh... why...

I had a really nice quickness build before this hot garbage patch to Kinetic Accelerators.

Here is what I have so far:
- HGH for Elixir U, still the best source
- Still using Kinetic Accelerators

  1. Healing Turret => Water field
    • Throw Mine + Detonate = +6s quickness
    • Flame Thrower + 2 = +6s quickness
    • Rifle 5 Jump Shot = +6s quickness
    • Detonate healing turret = +6s quickness
  2. f1 regenerating mist + mine + detonate
  3. function gyro f5

It's not great and feels really clunky, but hopefully it can be refined a bit further.
At least there are still some short +6s combos to be made.

- I might switch to sneak gyro, as the stealth is great for doing outdoor daily when it requires a desert farm.

Please return to the previous Kinetic Accelerators it was a lot nicer to be able to randomly share the quickness at the social farm locations (like flax and the farm in silverwastes).

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Mech alternative with alacrity, seems a lot easier as now each mech toolbelt skill gives quickness, with all kinds of CD reductions and the speedy signet with a shadowstep


this will probably be my speedy build now, the mech can probably tank the aggro while I farm without needing stealth

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21 hours ago, Nazarick.9653 said:

Home instance already has max movement speed, nothing affects it apart from mech teleport.

Ohh?  Do you happen to know the %?  I don’t do much in regards to home instances so I have no idea, but curious if you can ex axe/choya tonic at full speed in there without superspeed?

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