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Jade Tech Siege Turtle Skin -- Perma-Shadow Colors

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That's how skins work, the artists set filters (I'm guessing, might be the wrong terminology) on the dye channel areas.  So some things will never dye brightly, others will never dye dark, some will show gradients even from normally flat dyes.

Even the shell slot on this turtle (fourth channel) is a bit wonky.  While most dyes give it a nice luminosity, I noted that some of the fancier dyes that have no red in them will nonetheless get huge gobs of red near the turtle's front.

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I expected the skin to be more in line with the Jade Tech Raptor Skin and outfit. Colors on those work as one would expect.

If the turtle skin is working properly and as designed, then I am very disappointed that it lacks consistency with the others in the Jade Tech line of skins.

Sadly, my engineer can't show off his turtle with Jade, Celestial, Antique Gold and Golden Sheen since everything but the Jade looks nearly black.

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Heya. Just today noticed that the dye channels on my jade tech siege turtle are normal now. Really not sure if the heavily darkened colors were some weird bug on my end or if this was the case for everyone. Could any other owner of this skin confirm if they also had darkened dye channels (all 3 other than the glowy channel) previously but is fixed now? Wonder if that was a bug fix they didn't list in the patch notes.

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