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Just tell me what the mindless class/spec is for healing raids so I can lead effectively [HAM nerfed]


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I have heard heal alac mech has been nerfed pretty hard. I haven't tested it yet so I can't say whether that's true until my Monday raid rolls around.

That said, which post-patch class is the best for mindless heals? My first was a tempest and I'm pretty great at that. I don't see many complaints about tempest so maybe I will go back to it. I was bad at switching elements though, so alac wasn't 100% uptime. I prefer something that is heal/alac or heal/quick so I have one less DPS to worry about in my raids.

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Get a hfb, always the best and easiest option and it got boosted apparently, and pair it with an alac dps specter for big dps, perma alac and big barrier that is the one thing hfb is missing

Forget about druid and scourge, they are awful now. Heal alac Bladesworn works, the update boosted its healing and the alac is OP, but it's definitely not mindless. Can't say about heal specter yet

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