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A fully charged [Dragon Slash - Force] currently does less damage than both [Acing Slice] and [Arc Divider] in PvP and WvW

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Even if you can manage to 10-bullet-charge and actually connect with a DS - Force. Which of course does even less damage if you use [Dragon Slash - Boost] or [Dragon Slash - Reach].

I know that I'm in the minority here, but I was personally really enjoying the old [Daring Dragon] at least for the fun & utility. (& frankly have 0 idea why they didn't put alacrity on [Immortal Dragon] instead.)

Clearly Bladesworn is the currently unloved step-child of competitive' with people saying "Well it's just a PvE class." -- Similar to how Berserker was treated for nearly 4 years.

But now that old [Daring Dragon] is dead there is literally 0 reason to use Dragon Trigger at all:

[Immortal Dragon] -- Provides redundant protection & Heals you for 8% of your slash damage (4-8k, so... 320-640 hp... yay...)

[Unyielding Dragon] -- The "Best" option. Yet only gives 10 stacks of might MAX and only for 5s. So after the slash is done the might is gone.

[Daring Dragon] -- Old one was cool and actually good if you built for it. New 3s of alac is basically useless.

Let alone the actual problems with trying to charge Dragon Slash off in a PvP scenario.


I just don't see why ANet seems to have sacrificed the only fun & semi-viable PvP and WvW version of this Spec on the altar of providing alacrity for PvE at all. They could have just put alacrity on [Immortal Dragon] And did so in the stupidest, most half-baked (it didn't even have a finished tooltip,) possible way.

Not perfect, but my proposed solution:

*Increase the scaling on Dragon Slashes in PvP from +20-80% depending on how many bullets are loaded.

+ Put alacrity on [Immortal Dragon] & make it heal the party.

+ Have [Unyielding Dragon] give 2 might per charge in PvP for 10s so it doesn't actually expire while you're waiting to line up your slash.

+ Restore old [Daring Dragon] limit the number of slashes to 5 if you're worried about "skill spam" or 3 and make each one do progressively more damage.

Even taking [Daring Dragon] out of it, having removed stability from both [Dragonscale Defense] and [Flow Stabilizer] the idea of waiting to charge a Dragon Slash in PvP without getting CC'd let alone WvW is completely idiotic. I know Warrior has been on life support for a long time (21/45) of it's core traits are completely unused anywhere, along with 22 of its utility skills. But a long with [Dragon Slash - Boost] and [Dragon Slash - Reach] just failing on flat, let alone uneven, ground for no reason this is just pathetic. And there's no reason for it.

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He's completely not wrong tho.

I guess the mods can move the thread if they care. But easy fixes:

1) Revert [Daring Dragon]

2) Put Alacrity on [Immortal Dragon] smaller amounts on that [Daring Dragon] per charge dumped on slash, or [Lush Forest] on charge use.

3) Profit.


There, done. $55,000/y Seattle Developer salary please. <3

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