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For the love of god, fix/rework Warrior's Greatsword!


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Warrior is my main, around 2k+hours of play, it was what hooked me into the game, kept me playing for years, using various templates for various roles in multiple gamemodes. But one thing IS the fun factor of this class and it is the big freaking greatsword as in each swing a fight can be decided, in each dicey situation spin to win is the solution, on a big crowded moment is a big aoe oportunity. Then why tf gs is so pathetic on warrior and keeps getting worse? i got back to the game after months from the last patch with all the banner drama and find our there is an awesome spb hammer build, and after a few weeks i realized i had a freaking eternity and saw no reason for using it, even for openworld builds, in wvw nerfed. 

How it is now: It's a clunky usage with some barely usable skills that either takes to long, does nothing at all or roots you in place. switching to gs is almost always a dps loss at the cost of a fluid transition between weapon camping and fun factor. 

How it should be: Something to be actually excited about! "woah, i can't wait to finish work and log in to play my daily content with some juicy slashes and spins with my new GS skin and not be kicked from groups by my weak dps metters even tho i'm hitting skill ceiling" How is warrior the weapon master of the game if power only works with axe decapitate and whirlwind plus hammer and now a few dagger skills (that are entirely bugged in the current patch)? maces are still useless and gs is clunky with too many drawbacks. 

Skill 1: Warrior isn't a great provider of vulnerability. only a few stacks of it with axe 2 and 1 per hit on gs skill 1. i mean, these numbers could be improved a bit right? just to make it noticiable? Also from a Norn perspective, the animation is bad. i feel like i'm swinging a baseball bat, not a greatsword i mastered to then finish with a sloppy thrust. i mean asuras body movement complement their size to swing weapons, norn should atleast showcase their size? or how at ease they can swing it? 

Skill 2: Hundred blades must have its numbers improved. it should AT THE VERY LEAST hit as much as axe 5. Axe 5 hits 360º radius (in some situations is perfect like arkk's fear) you are not rooted in place with fast animation and a combo finisher. Hundred blades means a dps loss, roots you in place and attacks in a cone. Again, it should atleast hit as hard as axe 5 or even more due to the drawbacks. 

Skill 3:  maybe target that was hit gets all the damageable hits? cause it only works if u'r stucked in place somehow and makes it feel clunky

Skill 4: I don't need a slow, ugly weak freaking projectile skill that gives cripple and less than half the time actually menages to hit twice, just for the sake of legendary projectile animations, AND that looks like throwing away ur weapon to just reapear on ur hands on the next skill. honestly, having a single ranged skill is an interesting idea, the implementation is mild, is tasteless. maybe a slash skill dragontrigger like but small and on vertical. maybe a skill inspired like good old cabal online warrior's Seismic wave engraving the sword to the ground slashing upwards and dealing slow on close range and criple on long range.

Skill 5: This is a decent gap close. it sometimes combos with skill 3 when u need to dodge away a hit or mechanic and get back to the frail. But in a rotation is always a waste of time and dps loss, specially on berserker as hundredblade doesn't even fill the entire adrenaline bar by itself. this skill should have an added/different effect when face to face with a target. a different animation/hit decent dmg to cover the last bit of adrenaline before the burst skill usage. so then its worth using it as a gap close and when in close combat and getting rid of the clunkyness. 

Arcdivider: Why did you butcher my boy? the point of it having 3 big slashes is what differenciate an ELITE specialized weapon master from the core single spin arcing slice. And as other ppl stated, now the tired warrior timidly spin his arc divider once thinking his getting a dps boost and still getting kicked by hitting the skill ceiling and doing a mediocre, clunky and tasteless job as a dpser by all the reasons previously mentioned. Patch after patch feels like the devs behind balancing and skills have a grudge on warrior archetype. Bladesworn is a weird take on what a warrior should be and does the easiest and highest dmg and now passively gives stable alac while other classes like druid and scourge are currently strugling with it with 100% boon duration. Many ppl might see this and think i'm just being silly, but all these words comes from an avid and experience gw2 player's heart. 

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