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Breaching Strike 95% miss chance [BUG]


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While testing out changes inside the silverwastes to see how some of the skills perform I noted that Breaching strike fails to land a large percentage of attacks. With many cases of 0 damage delt due to the game not registering contact.

Do note that I do use the action camera mode due to destroying X amount of mice from holding down rightmouse or left mouse in mmo's, this issue seems to persist in this aiming mode.
I have noticed this same issue mostly occurs on 'Leap' type skills such as savage leap..

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Breaching Strike is currently bugged in the following ways:

  • It attempts to consume Adrenaline twice, once on cast and once on hit. Failing the second attempt (i.e., using it under 20 Adrenaline which is max for Spb) will cause the skill to cast but fail to hit, draining all your Adrenaline in the process.
    This is similar to what happens when you try to use a Burst skill OOC and your Adrenaline drains under the threshold before your Burst skill hits (it casts but does nothing). 
  • It's power damage coefficient is significantly bugged. It looks like it got mixed up with the new Berserker Dagger F1's power mod, and does not do it's massively improved damage to foes with no boons (PVE Effect).
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