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The one thing patch 100% verified


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The devs don't even test their patches internally before sloughing it out. Literally no idea how to do basic napkin math to see if boon uptimes make sense, no testing to verify the math, and despite the "we read your feedback" no consideration for the obvious concerns people had put forward that showed they understood the class significantly better than the devs do, not even with suggesting things they personally would like to see, but demonstrating that they knew certain changes to class mechanics wouldn't even play out well. I understand the obvious movement from spammed utilities to utilizing the unique abilities of class specific actions as a way to provide boons but there wasn't even a consideration that each classes profession mechanics are not even remotely on the same field. Thief steal on cooldown is generally encouraged, ranger CA on cooldown is sloppy. I'm amazed at how bad the ranger is right now as a whole.

Also what happened to the supposed clear communication the balance team was going to do going forward form last years dumpster fire? There was no discussion on why for example sand shade duration was axed to nothing (for pve only?), or why harbinger elixir duration and condition damage got nerfed (unless outside of pve ). There was no communication at all, and it was embarrassing as a company that you couldn't even address the community between the patch announcement and its release. I don't think anyone expects you to reply on an individual level but there wasn't even a blanket statement.

The only silver lining out of everything is the expansion announcement lining up with this abomination. It's a really strong way for people to voice their opinion by being able to choose not to support Anet openly and not pre-order it. I'm sure there are people who probably don't mind the patch, or are happy with it or Anet and will be happy to pre-order and support them and I'm happy for those people.

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