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ok so how can New Kaineng be improved?

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Any reason? Feedback was overwhelmingly given in the weeks and months after EoD to help improve Kaineng and EoD is done with now. There won’t be any further updates or changes or improvements to it.

SoTo, the next updates and following expac are the focus now. Not really much to gain to flogging a dead horse

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1 hour ago, kharmin.7683 said:

Weren't there a bunch of threads around release with thoughts/suggestions/critiques of this zone?  Maybe use the Forums Search and read 'em instead of pretty much duplicating them in yet another thread.

To be fair, no one in those mentioned Godzilla and I’m aboard for that answer alone now

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17 hours ago, Tiamat.8254 said:


Ooh kaiju rising from the sea...new world boss!  I'd fully support this.  

Overall, it's the same things since it was introduced.  More events, more players.  I like New Kaineng, but I do wish it felt a bit more like a hub.  Why didn't they make the Oni champs an achievement or with some better rewards (daily gold or ambergris or whatever for killing one on each EoD map?) to help with bringing people to maps?  

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I think the meta is kinda too long, beside that it does not not seem like a bad map. Maybe remove the guarding of the breaker boxes and the final killing jade bots after locking down the substations before going to the power plant to fighting the behemoth. Compare the length of this meta compared to aetherblade and gangwars. Its is almost as long as no prep soo won for fraction of the reward.

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2 hours ago, sorudo.9054 said:

well, it really needs a nuke so it can be rebuild into something good, same thing for lobster land.

I for one love lobster land. I also love OLA. But pirate theme park is such a fun stupid concept and they went all in on the design that I can't hate it. It's far from the worst aesthetic decision in the game.

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To add to the Godzilla idea:  The monster could rise from the ocean and enter the canals to menace different districts, getting bigger as it absorbs the energy of the city.  Once it gets far enough into the city, players can throw a switch that deactivates the area's grid trapping the monster.  Then the boss fight can begin, but now the monster is several stories tall.  To fight it, players need to climb on buildings and terrain.  

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It needs to get the Kessex Hills and Lions Arch treatment..  💥 I was so happy when the bad guys were going to blow up the reactor and destroy Kaineng but no Mai had to be a hero and ruin everything..

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