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Weaver Catalyst roaming and duels


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Seems like there are a few posts about ele, so heres a recent video i made and some thoughts on ele in WvW..
In regards to how busted catalyst is, just nerf burning formula ( its the most busted condition in the game, you can be full power and have 10-25 stacks of might and you can apply 2k burning ticks easily with fire rotation, same applies for willbenders or renegades ), and remove concentration from celestial gear, also maybe put a 1 or 2 second cooldown on the trait that gives you auras on combo finisher - aura spam is super unfun to play against.
The overabundance of boons in the catalyst traits is also what makes it super strong, you no longer feel forced to  go for arcane traitline since all ur spheres give the same boons pretty much and they are always available. You are free to go fire/air or god forbid fire/earth signet GM without losing much boons. And if you do choose to go arcane, well then you have perma boons forever...
Although the signet GM rework is interesting for core ele and weaver, as it provides auras  you usually might not get the chance to have - aura interactions with catalyst and tempest because of their respective GM traits ( heal on aura / stab on aura ) make the new signet GM trait just absolutely insane and should be adjusted appropriately.

All in all overabundance of  boons are an issue that plagues smallscale fights alot and catalyst although being one of the worst offenders is not the only one..
Removing concentration from certain gear pieces and nerfing boon duration on runes will probably go a long way to making fights less bunkery while not having to rework the entire game


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