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[NA] Vet player looking for a small, chill, mature social guild that enjoys all walks of the game. I don't mind new/vet or running easy or hard content. I'm game for it all with the right people.


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Hey all, Six here. I've just returned to the game after a little break and I'm looking for a smaller community to be a part of for the upcoming expansion release. I've played GW since the GW1 release and have been very heavily involved in the game over the past 10 years. I've done just about any and all content you can think of and don't mind running just about anything; This includes even content targeted towards newer players - I don't mind helping out.
I'm more interested in finding a good social group that actively communicates and uses discord that I can enjoy the game with.
My ideal community size would be less than 80 'active' people that run things/social fairly regularly
I play mainly EST times
If you think your group is a fit, or have any questions - please feel free to reach out to me in-game Sixcross.6824

Thank you

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Heya Six,

If you're still looking consider Tyrs Paladium.  We are an active guild of mostly 30+ year old folks who love to play GW2.  We have a strong core of active players and do a variety of content - Dungeons, Strikes, and Fractals (beginner and advanced) all on a weekly schedule and some Raiding here and there.  Due to us being scattered across many servers we don't have a guild WvW presence, but we have quite a few WvW enjoyers.

We use Discord quite a lot, for event sign ups and just to chat about things.

If you think we may be a good fit check out our website/forums and fill out an application 🙂  https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/?site_game_id=136318

Anmorata Warsong

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