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Flame and Frost - Molten Furnace - Escape the Facility - Bug

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We were doing the story a second time. We defeated the bosses, grabed the bombs, placed them, talked to Braham to escape, the first door opened, the prisoners ran through, we ran through, but Rox and Braham insisted on staying. Talking to them made no difference. We went back and forth, looked if we had missed something, died to start the sequence again but nothing helped. We were stuck. Does anyone have an idea what we could do to successfull end the sequence?

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Did you run all the way to the end of the hallway & into the elevator?  Or just stop when they didn't immediately follow you?

All of the times I've done this I've just ignored all the NPCs and run for the elevator, they're slower but they eventually show up, just before the countdown ends.

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