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Can Engineer finally lose the RNG skills?


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If we're going to overhaul Engineer the way Anet are doing, could we at least make its skills more usable by not having RNG attached to them? Throw Elixir B is a great example-you can get one of four different boons from it! While it's an okay Stability source, that makes it awful at any of the actual boons it supposedly gives because you can't upkeep them meaningfully and you can't guarantee the one you actually want.
Similarly, Elixir X, the good ol' "give you the less useful form from two other classes because we couldn't be bothered giving you an actual skill" Elite! Give us a skill that we actually know what it does when we press it!

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I kinda feel that they should just rework the elixirs to all toss and then put different elixirs on the toolbelts, for example they could rename Elixir R to elixir E and have it give the barrier like the alchemy trait and then elixir R would be the toolbelt to revive people, This would allow them to unhook the toolbelt and main elixir to make them more interesting I think and make the elixirs a much more solid support tool in line with more modern tools.

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On 7/11/2023 at 4:06 PM, shion.2084 said:

Wait... throw elixir B doesn't give you all those boons??????   Wow mind blown.  I never noticed.   Even the description doesn't say you get one of....

"Elixir B" and "Toss Elixir B" are not the same skill. Elixir B gives you all 4 listed boons, Toss gives you stability and a random one.

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On 7/14/2023 at 4:49 PM, Kodama.6453 said:

Lol, good luck with that. We were asking for the removal of RNG from engineer since release of the game and they still didn't manage to do this job properly.

Let's have this discussion again in 10 years.

I mean, they seem intent on changing every other aspect of the game whether it needs it or not... pushing this one onto the radar when people want it changed is the least we can do...

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