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New Player looking for a casual PVE or PVX Guild [NA]

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Hello there to whoever is reading this. I am brand new to Guild Wars 2 (Been playing for 3 days lol). But I am enjoying it so much that I preemptively bought two expansions for it (Path of Fire, Heart of Thorns).

I would love to join a guild to learn about this game and everything it has to offer.
I am on disability, so I tend to have a lot of time on my hands.
Looking for a friendly, casual guild that is really welcoming to new players.  Preferably one that has a discord as I do enjoy voice chat.

My Experience: 

The ONLY mmo experience I have is New World. I've played it for over 600 hours but the endgame content just isn't there for me, so I figured I'd branch out to another mmo. I did some research and landed on GW2.


Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! 🙂

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