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[NA] PH based Raid Training Community / Guild Looking for more Filipino players who wants to start learning or experienced in Raids / Strikes / Fractals


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What we are ~

We are a newly opened community/guild focused on making it easier for our fellow PH players to find other PH players to run end-game PvE content with. We do this by creating a toxic-free environment where anyone can start learning raids, strikes, and fractals without any experience with it. 

What we require from You ~

Absolutely nothing, You do not even need to join the guild if you do not want to! Although it is recommended for easier time looking for a group as some of our members sometimes do not have discord open while playing, It is not a requirement. You can simply join our discord and join posted training, practice or clear runs whenever you want! 

What have we done so far ~

Right now there are 3 static training groups on Sundays at 6PM and 9PM PH time, these are called "static" because they are mostly the same group progressing through HoT raids and filled with a mix of new and experienced players! Outside of that, we also have Wings 1-4 clear groups aimed around reset, a PoF focused static group, Fractals CM group and a newly formed EoD Strikes CM group. Throughout the week and almost daily there will be random raid runs (Any from w1-w7) open to everyone and depending on the people who joins it may be an impromptu training run or a practice/clear run.

What are we looking for ~

We are looking for fellow players from the Philippines who wants to try their hand on raiding either for the first time or just to consistently find groups weekly! We are also looking for more mentors and instructors willing to teach our newer players. 

Thank you for reading this far and please DM me on discord if you are interested! 😃
Discord: aisukrim
In-game: Aisu.9214

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