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anyone have a chill reaper build?


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Here you are. I assume you're looking for a condition build. If you want something more geared towards open world this build should function just fine there too. If not, I've experimented with some other options. Spite seems to be a decent alternative to increase your quickness up time with dread in place of running Soul reaping along with Chill to the bone. But You shouldn't need it. just replacing plague lands with chill to the bone in open world is normally enough. Run A different heal in open world too, Blood fiend is good in raids but extremely bad in open world.

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My question are you wanting to use chill for condi damage or theming? If for theming, power reaper has alot of chill uptime with well of darkness, gs1 and 3, staff 2 and 5, and shroud 3 and 5.

If you mean chill as a very forgiving build, i would recommend power reaper. It has more blinds than condi reaper, has a self heal that does not lower ita dps like taking pi does, and if you just want to afk world boss, just auto attack staff at 1200 range.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my chill reaper. Several builds to choose from but my everyday relaxed play build is:

Blood: 3, 3, 1

Curses: 3, 3, 2

Reaper: 2, 2, 2

Its Scepter/ Dagger and has a huge amount of sustain in the form of healing and barrier.

Now if the group healing is good and the group is experienced I end up going:

Spite: 3, 1, 1

Curses: 3, 2, 3

If I need to be more Tanky I'll go:

Death Magic: 2, 2, 2

Curses: 3, 2, 3

Finally, if the group needs a little more support with heals and razing, I go:

Blood: 1, 3, 3

Curse: 1, 2, 2

Runes are Krait, and sigil are condition damage and bleed on crit. Heal skill,I tend to use Well of Blood or Your Soul is Mine. Utility is Well of Darkness,  Suffer, and either Spectral Grasp for CC chill bleed and mass pull and positioning or Shadow Fiend for pet chill and bleed. Elite is chilled to the bone. 

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