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There's some hell of a tanky builds in WVW nowadays, why don't some of you kind gentlmen or ladies share with the community some of the secrets. Is it food,  armor or a skill set. Come on... be a pal.

I'll share or I did when I found my niche.  Considere it as a community service, a way of bringing more dynamic fights to the field. That's what we all want right. 

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Most of the tankiness you're seeing is probably going to be obvious stuff.

You can feel the plotting going on even if you can't see everyone. Kind of like walking upstairs from a scary basement and you can feel something reaching out at you, when you feel that in WvW you're probably going to dodge or launch some flak from instinct. If that was the point of focus for whoever was scoping you out and they all spent big on that, it might feel super tanky to them if you're head timer shook them a couple of times and they're not really keeping up on text or combat logs.

Sometimes you can hang out and splash around in a lot of circles and stuff that are thrown around hastily and without a plan until you feel like it's getting too intense. That can look tanky to someone. 

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I run more defensive since I have a terribad internet connection so I have to plan on builds running into latency and other issues due to that. That and I know I will make bad calls all the time and still try and dive into a zerg to see if I can drop any before they make mittens out of me. I admit I run tanky, but I see bunker and tank as not the same. Tank has to have a good defense but balance damage with that. So I can't speak to bunker. Never have used Ministrel nor do I ever use Zerk. 

Roamer/Hacoc style: go mid-high HP for the class, 3K+ armor, condi cleanse on bar and weapon swaps and/or redirects. Stun break and second heal options if possible, sustain whenever possible and if your dodge isn't on cooldown you aren't dodging enough. Should always be running food/utils so as long as they match your buildout, aka if you have enough defensive stats then support your offensive side of the build, else use defensive trait foods. If you want to double down on the food side use the ascended food that can further decrease the condi durations applied to you or the incoming strike damage. Same point on runes, do you need more defense in your build or are condis hitting you too hard, check the rune sets you choose else like the foods help them apply more offense if your feeling tanky enough. Traits are per class, key again is balance your trait lines to either cover spots your defense is missing while trying to ensure you aren't complete wet noodle. You can also skip some of the above by running in a small group and have build synergy with the group you are with or likewise have some support builds with you and move together and share what you can. Example a group of stance share soulbeasts can have some great synergy and shares that are close to boon sharing, or pack in some normal boon share in your group.

Half Warband/Warband/Zerg play: Bring boons that are shared, stay tight and move together and you can go more offense with even less tank and be tankier while doing more DPS.

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Thanks guys appreciate the feedback it was very informative. I have latency problems also but mine is in my old stoff hands that act up every now and then but I try my best without bouncing around too much. 

I use celestial sometimes but it just don't have gotcha on it'damage,  but marauders is a good standby. 

My main concern was to the ones that can take no damage what so ever without any skills up and five people beating on them. I didn't really expect an answer by thought that maybe there was an invul around that I did not know about that lasted approx. 10 seconds.

But again thanks for your feedback. See you wvw soon... Have fun.

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Tankiness isn't just about toughness and vit. It's a combination of things. Ability to mitigate and avoid damage is better than absorbing like a sponge. They did try to design GW2 in a manner that there are no true tanks but of course some builds survive better than others.

We should probably call it longevity because that takes into consideration your sustain (top up heals for example). 

Evades (hence also dodging and vigor boon) , blocking, invul, healing and even good positioning (hence movement skills included), blind (condition), projectile blocks and reflects, protection, contributes to longevity much more than outright toughness.


Then you should consider things like stab and resistance boons, and traits (and equipment) that either remove or reduce duration of movement impairing condis because those things either allow you to reposition to avoid damage, and/or continue using your skills. If you are immob and hard CC without stunbreak, you die pretty fast. 

It's a pretty complex thing. 

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