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transfusion balancing suggestion for pve


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Instead of first pulse pulling down allies, have all pulses have the capability, but once triggered it can't happen again for that particular transfusion.

You procced transfusion as scourge and up until 4th pulse of it everyone was fine.
Then an ally goes downstate. 5th pulse pulls them to you, but from that moment rest of pulses don't pull anyone.
You get one pull per transfusion trigger and that one just got used.

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My guess is the teleport has always been bugged (I've definitely noticed it not pulling while playing HS before) and they don't want to invest too much time in untangling spaghetti code for a niche effect/build.  

My compromise suggestion (it's not great right now, they're not giving us old one back, and I hypothesize they don't want to spend much energy on this) is put another pull on the final pulse. I like the idea of it just pulling on the first pulse, but that has to work reliably (and fixing it is likely hard), so my guess is it's easier to build in the proposed compromise than anything more complex. OP suggestion is likely more complex than they want to devote resources to... but right now they've broken and bugged a skill that (while niche) was a real scourge identity ability, which sucks.

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