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Stolen skills in new Strike Missions


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This topic will only adress core Thief and Daredevil.

In Raids and IBS strike missions you always get one dedicated stolen skill depending on boss that usually gives you something useful and Thief reliable, flexible utility.

In Spirit Vale you get Unstable Artefact, versus Gorseval you can use it to root ghosts for a long time and versus Sabetha it lets you pull downed ally out of danger. Against Samarog in w4 you get bomb that provides you with even more cc. From one bear in Voice and Claw you get aoe condition cleanse so your squad is not rooted for 11 years and in Boneskinner you get damage pool because whole thing is ticking time bomb.

Even in pvp, when you steal from Warrior you always get Spinny Axe, etc.

You get the point.

But in EoD strikes they changed it and for some reason stolen skills are randomized, and it throws that extra Thief utility out of the window. You never know when will you get something useful or god kitten Blessing Seed from Minister Li (condi cleanse from boss that applies 0 condi, awesome).

I would rather get Enchanted Ice 100% of the time than Cursed artifact 20% of the time because at least I have dependable 10% damage reduction buff and stability whenever my squad needs it.

It's extremely annoying and I don't know why they would do that.

Please in incoming strikes in SotO make bosses give only one stolen skill again.

Or at least remove Time in Bottle because it's most useless ability anyone could come up with and I'm tired of getting it 4 times in a row.

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