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Rift Repair mastery pops up every time you're near a rift, even WITHOUT skyscale mastery line available to upgrade.

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Trying to finish the last collection to unlock skyscale and THIS keeps happening every time near a reality rift, and it happens before reaching this step whenever you move onto a rift:



It's always with a pop up reminder to unlock a mastery, but you don't even *have* the skyscale masteries available so you can possibly upgrade that. On a related note, this is a very "feels bad" kind of collection having players go to 28 locations for a thing they have to return to with this mastery to actually interact with the rift. It would be great if this were a step AFTER you could unlock this mastery so you can actually do the rifts, and it doesn't feel like the game is spamming you with a useless reminder because of this bug.

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