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Why is there no mandatory SPvP tutorial?


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What's even more ironic is that there's high-level players who already actively try and teach through their streams, especially Tenebrae. 

ANet care so kittening little about PvP, that they're not just unwilling to lift a finger to work on it themselves, but they aren't even willing to enlist the help and knowledge base of veteran players who would love to do anything to keep the gamemode healthy.

They took our kittening money, we paid for a product that was supposed to include a PvP mode, and now they give us the middle finger. It would take so LITTLE effort on their part to just streamline the player learning experience and make things at least a little bit better for everyone, both new players and experienced players. They still won't do it. They don't give a kittening kitten.

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The writing is on the wall that it is actively being neglected. There is NO reason to play sPvP bar if you actually like it, a legendary amulet can be obtained through it but you can get a legendary amulet by literally just playing through the game. A legendary backpack can be obtained through sPvP but you can far more easily get one elsewhere, fractals and WvW.

furthermore why would they create content for a population that is about as large as one single WvW server? and it isn't even a community.

a sPvP tutorial is the least of our worries, tbh, no one cares about sPvP bar the people who have been at the top for the last decade.

imo, aslong as gizmo's like the champion's rest exist and freshly made accounts can obtain said gizmo's it will be ridden with RMT incentives and whatnot comes with it.

GW2 competitive PvP is a joke and it will stay a joke unless they make changes to the rewards, battle RMT and active wintrading.


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